Memorial Squares

ABDELNOUR SQUARE Hamilton & Commonweath Ave in Memory of Capt. Underwood J. Abdelnour, USAF Born: May 20, 1909 Killed in action in France August 18, 1944

ABRAHAM SQUARE Houghton & Salford in Memory of Pvt. Abdow Abraham Born: August 30, 1924 Killed in action in Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands January 31, 1944

ABRAMSON SQUARE Southwest Cutoff & Greenwood in Memory of Carl L. Abramson Private Co. ?I? 328th Infantry Born: September 10, 1891 Died of wounds Meuse-Argonne, France October 18, 1918

ADAMS ROTARY Pleasant St, Bailey Rd & Airport Dr in Memory of L/Cpl. George Francis Adams, USMC Born: December 4, 1947 Killed in Action-Thua Thien, S. Vietnam March 18, 1968

LT. PAUL ADAMS SQUARE Southwest Cutoff & Sunderland Rd. in Memory of Lt. Paul Adams Born: April 2, 1924 Killed in plane crash May 14, 1949

ALBERTS SQUARE Fifth Ave & Raymond St in Memory of Albert S. Abrahamson Electrician 2nd Class USNRF Born: February 24, 1897 Died: September 26, 1918 at Navel Hospital, Newport, RI and Albert L. Johnson Engineer 2nd Class USNRF Born: May 20, 1896 Killed: March 19, 1915-Explosion on board “Manley”-Irish Coast

ANTUL BROTHERS SQUARE West Boylston St. in front of St. Christopher’s Church in Memory of Henry Joseph Antul Walter Paul Antul Private, U.S. Army, WW II U.S. Army, WW II Born: October 8, 1924 Born: June 5, 1920 Killed in action in France Killed in action in Luxemburg June 23, 1944 January 22, 1944

ARRAJ SQUARE Norfolk & Grotn Place in Memory of William J. Arraj Born: April 7, 1921 Killed in action – Okinawa April 19, 1945 ASSELIN SQUARE James St, Ludlow St. and So. Ludlow St. In memory of Cpl. Norman A. Asselin, USMC Born: April 13, 1916 Killed in Action – Tinian Island, Saipan August 16, 1944

ATTELLA SQUARE Hamilton & Ingleside Ave in Memory of Pvt. Edwin M. Attella Born: July 18, 1925 Killed in Action in France September 17, 1944

AUGER SQUARE West Boylston St. and Airlie in Memory of Cpl. Alan Randy Auger, USMC Born: August 20, 1968 Died- Persian Gulf War, Saudi Arabia March 9, 1991

BAKER SQUARE North & Signorney in Memory of Private Isadore W. Baker Born: July 12, 1896 Killed in battle Meuse-Argonne, France October 13, 1918

BANIS SQUARE Dorcester & Houghton in Memory of S/Sgt. Joseph J. Banis T/Sgt. Paul P. Banis Born: August 9, 1908 Born: July 31, 1921 Died in France Missing in Action July 7, 1944 December 17, 1944

BARTLEY SQUARE Highland & West STS. in Memory of Lt. Harry E. Bartley Jr. Born: July 31, 1922 Killed in action – Barby, Germany April 11, 1945

BEATTY SQUARE Belmont & Lake Ave. in Memory of Sgt. James M. Beatty Born: July 19, 1893 Killed in Battle – Aisne-Marne, France July 28, 1918

BEINAR SQUARE Harlem & Vernon STS. in Memory of Lt. Theopilus E. Beinar, USAF Born: November 28, 1919 Killed in plane flight at Elmshausen Bergstrasse, Erback, Germany April, 13, 1944

BENCHLEY SQUARE Foster & Commercial Sts in Memory of Lieutenant Edmund N. Benchley Born: March 3, 1876 in Worcester Entered West Point 1894 – Graduated April 1898 Assigned 6th U.S. Infantry Killed in action July 1, 1898 – Battle of San Juan, Cuba Buried in National Cemetery, West Point

BERNARDI SQUARE Wall & Suffolk STS. in Memory of Pvt. Michael F. Bernardi Born: March 11, 1923 Killed in action – Brittany, France August 22, 1944

BEYROUTY SQUARE Wall & Norfolk STS. in Memory of Pvt. George Beyrouty Born: July 15, 1895 Killed in battle at Chatel Chehery, France October 3, 1918

BILLINGS SQUARE Grafton, Orient, & Hamilton Sts. (as of 10/3/96, not put back up) in Memory of Mechanic Henry W. Billings Born: July 20, 1894 Killed in battle at Meuse-Argonne, France October 19, 1918

BIRD SQUARE Massasoit Rd. & Blithewood Rd. in Memory of S/Sgt Howard L. Bird Born: February 20, 1920 Killed in action-Anzio Beach Head, Italy March 23, 1944 and A.V. CAD. Kenneth E. Bird Born: November 29. 1922 Died in Valdosta, GA December 4, 1944

BIRTZ SQUARE Hamilton St. at Lake Park in Memory of Pvt. Louis Birtz Battery A 19th Field Artillery Born October 3, 1898 Died of wounds in France August 22, 1918

BLANCHARD SQUARE Cambridge & South Crystal Sts. in Memory of Pvt Norman A. Blanchard Company D 2nd Ammuntion Train Born: November 9, 1899 Killed in action November 9, 1918

BOLDUC SQUARE Providence & Dorcester Sts. in Memory of PFC Roland A. Bolduc Born: April 4, 1923 Killed in action – Battle of the Bulge December 19, 1944

BORCI SQUARE Shrewsbury & Adams Sts. in Memory of PFC Mario J. Borci 3/C P.O. Louis C. Borchi Born: October 20, 1917 Born: July 22, 1925 Died in Rechicourt, France Died in Okinawa November 10, 1944 May 4, 1945

BORGESTON SQUARE Eastern Ave & Prospect St. in Memory of Corp. Albert W. Borgeson Born: March 20, 1896 DIED: Gased in France December 14, 1920

BOTT SQUARE Endicott & Millbury Street in Memory of Pvt. Fred J. Bott Jr. Born: March 31, 1935 Killed in action in Korea November 3, 1952

BOURKE SQUARE South Crystal & Canterbury in Memory of Charles E. Bourke, USN Born: March 19, 1988 Killed on Destroyer Burrows January 19, 1918

BROSNIHAN SQUARE Millbury & Harding Streets in Memory of Pvt. John F. Brosnihan Born: December 8, 1895 Killed in battle at Meuse-Argonne, France October 14, 1918

BROWN SQUARE Franklin & Plantation Sts. in Memory of Pvt. Harry A. Brown Born: August 16, 1888 Died at Brest, France March 5, 1919

BROWN SQUARE May & Lovell STS. in Memory of S/SGT John E. Brown Born: January 24, 1923 Killed over Rockanje, Holland February 14, 1945

BURKE SQUARE Main & Ripley Sts. in Memory of S/SGT Stephen F. Burke Born: November 6, 1920 Killed in action – Burma March 31, 1943

BURZYNSKI SQUARE Brierway Dr. & Blithewood aVe. in Memory of Ph. M1C Mieczyslaus B. Burzynski Born: April 18, 1921 Died: USS Partridge – English Channel June 11, 1944

CAPITE SQUARE Merrifield & East Shelby in Memory of F/O Joseph V. Capite Born: December 4, 1917 Killed in action at Syracuse- Sicily, Italy July 9, 1943

CARDWELL SQUARE Baker & Wayne Sts. in Memory of PFC James P. Cardwell Born: March 26, 1925 Killed in action – USS Ticonderoga January 21, 1945

CHALIFOUX SQUARE Lancaster & Salisbury Sts in Memory of Pvt. Arthur J. Chalifoux Born: August 18, 1919 Killed in action – Italy December 30, 1943

CHAPLIN SQUARE May & Chandler Sts, Northwest Junction in Memory of Fred W. Chaplin Private 48th Balloon Company Born: December 7, 1889 Died of Pneumonia – Fort Omaha, Nebraska October 22, 1918

CODERE SQUARE Heywood & Massasoit Rd. in Memory of Lt. Frederick J. Codere R.T. 3/c Edward F. Codere Born: April 29, 1918 Born: June 17, 1922 Killed at Nagoya Bay, Japan Killed in action-Ikinawa, Japan February 21, 1946 March 26, 1945

COFSKY SQUARE Southgate & Litchfield in Memory of Tech. Sgt. George F. Cofsky Born: March 29, 1911 Killed in action – Italy July 7, 1944

COURTNEY SQUARE Intersection of Park Ave & Mill St in Memory of Edward Joseph Courtney Born: August 23, 1926 Died in the Service of his Country March 27, 1946 Radarman 3/C U.S. Navy, WWII

COVELLO SQUARE Norfolk & Villanova Sts. in Memory of PFC Frank H. Covello Born: August 2, 1924 Killed in action at Germany March 28, 1945

CURTIS SQUARE Lincoln & Boylston Sts in Memory of Lt. Robert L. Curtis Born: February 5, 1921 U.S. 8th Air Force Missing over Kiel, Germany June 13, 1943

DAIGNEAULT SQUARE Hollis & Gates Sts. in Memory of Sgt. Joseph R. Daigneault Born: October 25, 1942 Killed in action – South Viet Nam May 20, 1968

DALY SQUARE Near 22 Minthorne St in Memory of Sgt. Richard E. Daly, Jr. USA Awarded Silver Star & Purple Heart For Gallantry in Action Born: December 6, 1946 Died October 12, 1973

DANAHY SQUARE North Ashland & Bowdoin in Memory of S1/C David A. Danahy Born: December 9, 1921 Drowned at Sea – USS New Bedford July 11, 1944

DANKER SQUARE Highland & Park Ave. in Memory of Chaplain Walton S. Danker Born: January 26, 1874 Died of Wounds received at Roy-Au-Miex, France June 18, 1918

DANNA SQUARE Shrewsbury & Hill in Memory of PFC Tristano Danna Born: February 25, 1918 Killed in action – Andilly, France November 3, 1944

DAVITT SQUARE Pleasant & Park Ave. in Memory of Chaplain William F. Davitt Born: December 8, 1886 Killed in action – Meuse-Argonne, France November 11, 1918

DAY SQUARE Austin & Piedmont Sts in Memory of Pvt. Richard A. Day Jr. Born: December 6, 1919 Died of wounds received between Varnack and Darven, Germany November 14, 1944

DEANGELIS SQUARE Shrewsbury & Prentice Sts in Memory of Lt. Col. Albert P. DeAngelis, USA 89th AA GUN BN Born: March 13, 1920 Died at Worcester, MA November 24, 1988

DEE SQUARE Park Ave and Institute Rd in Memory of Pvt Richard P. Dee, USMC Born March 12, 1926 Killed in action – Iwo Jima March 8, 1945

DEEDY SQUARE Montrose & Euclid Sts. in Memory of LT John J. Deedy Born: September 22, 1914 Wounded in battle – St. Lo, France Died in England July 28, 1944

DEGAETANO SQUARE Harrington Way & Franklin Sts in Memory of PFC John J. DeGaetano Born: January 8, 1922 Wounded July 4, 1944, France Died: March 29, 1968

DELLEFEMINE SQUARE Gage & Ford Sts in Memory of Tech Sgt. John P. Dellefemine Born: October 5, 1918 Killed in action – Corville, France October 7, 1944

DEMARS SQUARE Main & May Sts In Memory of Pfc Alphonse A. DeMars Pvt. Norman E. Demars Born: March 31, 1920 Born: August 15, 1926 Killed in action – Cherbourg, France Killed in action- August 22, 1944 Luxembourg, Germany March 22, 1945

DICICCO SQUARE Alameda & Massasoit Rds in Memory of Theodore Dicicco Born: October 26, 1926 Died in Germany February 11, 1945

DION SQUARE Canterbury & Walpole St in Memory of Lt. Albert L. Dion Born: November 22, 1918 Killed – Beveridge, England August 12, 1944

DIREDA SQUARE Muskeego & Shrewsbury Sts in Memory of Pfc Robert J. DiReda, USA Born: September 27, 1943 Killed in action – South Vietnam March 30, 1996

DITULLIO SQUARE Belmont at Prentice Sts in Memory of T/4 Anthony J. DiTullio, Died November 13, 1986 TM3 Edwino P. DiTullio, Died October 2, 1976 WO Rinaldo A. DiTullio, Died February 25, 1967 FI/C Silvio M. DiTullio, Died June 16, 1970

DROHAN SQUARE Chatham & High Sts in Memory of Corporal Walter T. Drohan Born: February 7, 1981 Died in service – in France October 27, 1918

DUBOIS SQUARE Englewood Ave. & Minthorne St. in Memory of Sgt. Raymond P. Dubois Born: August 31, 1899 Veteran WW I & WW II Died: Framingham, MA March 19, 1918

DUMAS SQUARE Cohasset & Puritan Ave in Memory of AR 2/C Robert T. Dumas USNR Award DFC for Heroism Born: February 24, 1922 Killed in action – Korean Caost July 24, 1945

EARLE SQUARE Salisbury & West Sts. in Memory of Rear Admiral Ralph, Earle, US Navy Born, May 3, 1874 Died in Worcester February 13, 1939

EKLUND SQUARE Vernon & Upsala Sts in Memory of Corporal George Eklund Born: September 13, 1888 Died in service – in France March 17, 1918

ESPAS SQUARE Elm & Russell Sts in Memory of 5 Boys Who Gave Their Lives in the Service of Their Country in World War II, Lt. John P. Elopoulos 1/CG John Stevens Born: October 26, 1918 Born: October 3, 1924 Killed – Nettuno, Italy Killed – Denver, Colorado June 29, 1944 December 16, 1943 Lt. John Pirpos Lt. George Anderson Born: November 8, 1924 Born: January 16, 1923 Killed – Nettuno, Italy Killed – Paxton, MA January 7, 1945 June 13, 1947, 1/C P.O. Demos Stavos Born: December 8, 1924 Lost of Coast St. America Died: November 28, 1943

ESPER SQUARE Dorchester & Arthur in Memory of Lt. Joseph Esper Born January 24, 1922 Killed in action – Tecklenburg, Germany November 2, 1944

FERGUSON SQUARE Claremont & Silver Sts in Memory of HT 1/C Joseph Ferguson, USNR Born: March 19, 1913 Died: June 26, 1977 Served – WW II and Korean Conflict

FERGUSON SQUARE Courtland & Geneva in Memory of S1/C Gerald E. Ferguson Born: June 16, 1922 Killed in action – S.S.J.H. Senior August 18, 1943

FERRIS SQUARE Cambridge & Freemont in Memory of Pvt. Thomas H. Ferris Company G. 305th Infantry Born: July 11, 1890 Died in Worcester January 31, 1920

FITZGERALD SQUARE Hamilton St. & Lake Ave. in Memory of Sgt. Ray A. Fitzgerald Killed in action – Aboard SS Dorchester Which was mined off Greenland February 3, 1943

FITZGERALD SQUARE Southbridge & College Hill in Memory of Lieutenant William P. Fitzgerald Company M 101st Infantry Born: December 15, 1891 Killed in Action – Second Battle of the Marne, France July 15, 1918

FLAMINIO SQUARE Belmont & Plantation Sts in Memory of Patsy Flaminio Thomas Flaminio Born: January 12, 1914 Born: November 11, 1919 Died in Germany Killed in action-Luxembourg April 12, 1945 January 9, 1945

FLANAGAN SQUARE Grove St. & Park Ave in Memory of Pvt. Thomas F. Flanagan Born: June 1, 1893 Killed in Toul Sector, France April 4, 1918

FLIBBERT SQUARE Camp & Southgate in Memory of Pvt. Stanis C. Flibbert Company H 104th Infantry Born: November 5, 1895 Killed in action at Meuse-Argonne, France October 23, 1918

FLYNN SQUARE Pattison and Vernon Sts in Memory of CPL Walter M. Flynn Born: December 26, 1925 Killed in action – North Korea November 28, 1950

FOX SQUARE Chandler & Claridge Dr in Memory of PFC Robert W. Fox, USMC Born: August 13, 1920 Killed in action – Tarawa, Gilbert Islands November 20, 1943

FRENCH SQUARE Main & Apricot Sts. in Memory of Private Charles F. French Battery E 102nd Field Artillery Born: January 21, 1897 Killed in action – Seicheprey, France April 20, 1918

FRIGON SQUARE Penn Ave & Aetna in Memory of PFC Philip N. Frigon Born: March 31, 1923 Killed in action – Luxemburg, Germany March 1, 1945

FROSTHOLM SQUARE W. Boylston St. & W. Boylston Dr. in Memory of Lieut. J. Henry Frostholm 14th Machine Gun Battalion Born: August 3, 1894 – Died October 19, 1918 Killed in action at Meuse-Argonne, France and Sgt. Neils E. Frostholm Battery E 102nd Field Artillery Born: December 5, 1892 – Died: July 28, 1918 Killed in action at Chateau Thierry, France

GABOURY SQUARE Grand & Douglas Sts. in Memory of Sgt. Joseph Gaboury Born: December 7, 1917 Killed in action – Orbek, France November 11, 1944

GARDNER SQUARE Main & Stafford St in Memory of Corp. Leroy W. Gardner Born: March 23, 1888 Killed in Battle – Aisne-Marne, France July 7, 1918

GATTI SQUARE Gage & Berkley Sts in Memory of Pvt. Frank W. Gatti Born: September 8, 1915 Killed in action – Aachen, Germany November 21, 1944

GAUCHER SQUARE Burncoat & Quinapoxet Lane in Memory of First Lt. Lionel F.A. Gaucher Born: August 25, 1920 Died at Ste Marguerite Des Loges, France June 25, 1944 and PFC Paul E. Gaucher Born: April 28, 1924 Died at Lecheneck, Germany July 6, 1945

GENTILE SQUARE Shrewsbury & Seward Sts. in Memory of PFC Edward J. Gentile Born: December 25, 1925 Killed in action – Bras, Belgium January 2, 1945

GERMAIN SQUARE Webster & Lyman Sts. in Memory of PFC Robert F. Germain Born: September 18, 1919 Killed in action – Anzio Beach, Italy April 22, 1944

GIARD SQUARE Cohasset St. & Farrar Ave in Memory of S/SGT Robert N. Giard Born: January 30, 1920 Killed in action over Germany July 10, 1944

GIBSON SQUARE May & Silver Street in Memory of S1/C Richard M. Gibson Born: February 11, 1926 Killed in action – European Theatre April 28, 1944

GIGUERE SQUARE in front of 621 Chandler St in Memory of Lt. Henry P. Giguere Born: April 22, 1920 Killed in action – Munich, Germany July 16, 1944

GRABOWSKI SQUARE Washington & Harding Sts. in Memory of Pvt. Joseph W. Grabowski Born January 1898 Died of Wounds Received in Battle St. Mihiel, France October 15, 1918

GRAVES SQUARE Plantation & Almont Sts. in Memory of Charles J. Graves, Fireman Born: May 5, 1894 Lost at Sea when “Ticonderoga” was Torpedoed September 30, 1918

GREANY SQUARE Fruit & Hampden Sts. in Memory of S2/C Paul V. Greany Born: April 23, 1927 Drowned off Honshu, Japan August 11, 1945

GREENHALGH SQUARE Dutton & Davenport in Memory of Lt. Richard Greenhalgh Born: March 1, 1922 Missing in action – New Guinea March 5, 1944

GRENIER SQUARE Hamilton & Trahan Sq in Memory of Sgt. Philip S. Grenier US ARMY RANGER Born: February 9, 1962 Killed in action – Grenada October 27, 1983

GUMINSKI SQUARE Ward & Seymour Sts in Memory of S/Sgt. Edward S. Guminski Born: July 15, 1921 Killed in action – Italy December 25, 1944

GURWITZ SQUARE Providence & Holcombe in Memory of PFC Nathan “Sonny” Gurwitz Born: January 3, 1922 Lost at Sea March 13, 1945

HAYWARD SQUARE Chandler & June Sts in Memory of Lt. Fred H. Hayward Born: November 16, 1918 Killed in action – Dieppe, France April 4, 1943

HIRSHBERG SQUARE Chandler & Hawden Rd in Memory of Lt. Jack H. Hirshberg Born: January 12, 1924 Killed in action – Kaiserlauten, Germany December 28, 1944

HOBBS SQUARE (as of 10/3/96 in storage) Union & School Sts. in Memory of 1st Lieut. Warren T. Gobbs Born: November 3, 1895 Killed in Battle at Ypres, France June 26, 1918

HOGG SQUARE Elm & West Sts. in Memory of Pvt. Robert H. Hogg Born: September 2, 1883 Killed in Battle – Chavignon, France March 18, 1918

HUNTOON SQUARE Lincoln St., fronting on land of Worcester Girls’ Club & from railroad underpass to Keefe Place in Memory of PFC Richard Francis Huntoon Born: June 20, 1925 Killed in action at Iwo Jima March 8, 1945

HURLEY SQUARE Ballard & Millbury Sts in Memory of Corporal Patrick J. Hurley Born: 1890 Died of wounds received in battle- Verdun, France October 12, 1918

ISRAELIAN SQUARE Intersection of Burncoat & Lincoln Sts. in memory of Pvt. Arakel Israelian Born: April 22, 1918 Killed in action – Metz, Germany October 11, 1944

JANDRON SQUARE Esther & Upsala Sts. in Memory of GM3/C Richard Leo Jandron Born: July 26, 1923 Wounded near Cherbourg, France Died in England July 9, 1944

JENSEN SQUARE Hope Ave. & Webster St. in Memory of Sgt. Frederick L. Jensen Died at Zebrinovac, District Krizevac, Hungary November 20, 1944

GEORGE A. JOHNSON SQUARE West Boylston & East Mountain Sts. in Memory of Private George A. Johnson Born: December 19, 1889 Killed in Battle – La Fere, France July 28, 1918

JOHNSON SQUARE Southbridge & Cambridge Sts. in Memory of Pvt. Oscar A. Johnson Born: August 26, 1895 Killed in Toul Sector, France April 16, 1918

JURGELIONIS SQUARE South & Shannon Sts. in Memory of MM1/C Julius F. Jurgelionis Born: May 30, 1921 Killed at Okinawa April 10, 1945

KACEVICH SQUARE Arthur & Grafton Sts. in Memory of S2C Vincent Stanley Kacevich Killed in action November 2, 1942 When vessel was torpedoed & sunk

KACHOIAN SQUARE Piedmont & Jacques Ave. in Memory of PFC Jasper Kachoian Born: December 30, 1923 Killed in action – Germany February 1, 1945

KAMANDULIS SQUARE Vernon & Ward Sts in Memory of Corp. John J. Kamandulis Born: August 21, 1918 Killed in action – St. Louent, France August 7, 1944

KAPLAN SQUARE Water & Harrison Sts. in Memory of St. Sgt. Harold Kaplan Born: September 7, 1918 Killed in England January 22, 1943

KATZ SQUARE Ledge & Waverly Sts in Memory of Private Maxwell B. Katz Company C 104th Infantry Born: June 4, 1899 Killed in action at Aisne-Marne, France July 20, 1918

KEATING SQUARE Franklin, Green Sts & Worcester Center Blvd. in Memory of Pvt. Thomas F. Keating Born: August 23, 1906 Killed in action – Brouvelieurs, France October 20, 1944

KELLEY SQUARE Green & Harding Sts. in Memory of Sgt. Cornelius F. Kelley Born: December 18, 1887 Died of wounds received in battle Verdun, France October 13, 1918

KIGAS SQUARE Harding & Endicott Sts. in Memory of S/Sgt. George A. Kigas Pvt. Walter J. Kigas Born: July 23, 1916 Born: December 16, 1914 Killed in Germany Killed in Italy February 26, 1945 April 9, 1944

KIMBAR SQUARE Arlington & Pattison Sts. in Memory of Sgt. Edward S. Kimbar Who died October 20, 1943 At Camp Campbell, Kentucky

KIRMINAS SQUARE Providence & Aetna Sts. in Memory of T/Sgt. Daniel V. Kirminas Born: August 12, 1920 Killed in action – Neuss, Germany March 1, 1945

KNIGHT SQUARE Burncoat & Clark Sts. in Memory of 1st Liet. Henry Rockwood Knight Born: January 9, 1886 Killed at Bois Brule Battle of Apremont, France April 12, 1918

KOSCIUSZEK SQUARE Providence & Upsala Sts in Memory of S/Sgt. Peter P. Kosciuszek Born August 5, 1919 Killed in Japan July 4, 1944

KOURI SQUARE Hamilton & Delmont Ave in Memory of Pvt. William G. Kouri Born: September 26, 1924 Killed in action – St. Lo, France July 10, 1944

KRASINAKAS SQUARE Mill & First Sts in Memory of Pvt. Edward J. Krasinskas, USA Born: August 14, 1917 Killed in action – France July 10, 1944

KURAISA SQUARE Stockton & Fairbanks Sts. in Memory of PFC Charles S. Kuraisa Born: March 24, 1918 Died at Camp Cabantuan, Philippine Islands July 10, 1942

KUSTIGIAN SQUARE Main St. & Goddard Memorial Dr. in Memory of CPO Michael J. Kustigian, USN Born: March 9, 1949 Died: Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam May 5, 1968

LADAGO SQUARE Delmont Ave & Bedford Sts. in Memory of PFC George Ladago Born: February 22, 1924 Killed in action – Iwo Jima February 22, 1945

LAMB SQUARE Park Ave, Mill St. & Park Ave Ext. in Memory of Corporal Henry L. Lamb Born: July 21, 1896 Killed in battle at Ville-Devant-Chaumont, France November 10, 1918

LAMBERT SQUARE Mill St. in front of Tatnuck Post American Legion Bldg. in Memory of Lt. Frederick H. Lambert Born: November 27, 1920 Killed in action – Palermo, Sicily October 24, 1943

LANGLEY SQUARE Beacon St. & Ionic Ave in Memory of PFC Chester E. Langley Born: May 25, 1922 Killed in action – Saipan June 18, 1944

LARSON SQUARE Gold Star Blvd. & Bourne in Memory of Corp. Leander T. Larson Born: April 15, 1892 Died of wounds received in battle Tresauvaux, France October 19, 1918

LAUKAITIS SQUARE Harding & Canton Sts. in Memory of PFC Joseph Laukaitis Born: October 15, 1931 Killed in action – Hagaru-Ri, Korea November 29, 1950

LAZARO SQUARE Arthur & Acton Sts. in Memory of T/5 George Lazaro Born: March 27, 1918 Killed in action – Germany September 21, 1944

LEMAY SQUARE Elmire & Hamilton in Memory of Aviation Radioman Lex O. Lemay Gunner on U.S.S. Lexington Bombing Squadron 16 Missing in action So. Pacific June 20, 1944

LENIHAN SQUARE Madison & Gold St. in Memory of Private John E. Lenihan Born: December 10, 1890 Died at Worcester, Mass November 28, 1921 From wounds received in France

LEONE SQUARE Lincoln & Harlow Sts in Memory of Lt. Thomas J. Leone Born: August 11, 1919 Killed in action in Brittany December 4, 1944

LEWON SQUARE Fenwood & Massasoit Rds in Memory of T/5 Walter S. Lewon Born: May 18, 1923 Killed in action at Busigny-Nord, France June 25, 1945

LINDBERG SQUARE McKeon Rd & Butler St. in Memory of Capt. Walter E. Lindberg Born: February 12, 1921 Killed in action – Korea July 9, 1953

LIVERMORE SQUARE Lovell & Berkmans Sts. in Memory of Pvt. Charles R. Livermore Born: July 19, 1895 Killed in battle at Domart-Sur-Le-Luce, France April 26, 1918

LONERGAN SQUARE Vernon & Winthrop in Memory of Private John F. Lonergan Born: August 4, 1892 Died in service in France October 3, 1918

LUPISELLA SQUARE Massasoit Rd and Allston Ave in Memory of Sgt. Anthony P. Lupisella Born August 2, 1925 Died August 25, 1945

MACIEJEWSKI SQUARE Perry Ave. & Seymour in Memory of Pvt. Frank Maciejewski Born: June 14, 1909 Died on a Japanese Prison ship September 7, 1944

MAGNAN SQUARE Chatham & Irving Sts. in Memory of Sgt. Edward C. Magnan, USMC Born: January 18, 1915 Killed in action – Guadacanal, Solomon Islands January 26, 1943

MAILEA SQUARE Mechanics & Foster Sts-cement traffic island in Memory of John T. Mailea Private in Battery B102nd Field Artillery Born: August 19, 1899 Killed in action at Tresawaux-Troyon, France October 9, 1918

MALESKAS SQUARE Providence & Waverly Sts. in Memory of PFC Alphonse B. Maleskas Born: June 30, 1921 Killed in action in Normandy, France June 20, 1944

MANCINI SQUARE Shrewsbury & DeMarco Terrace in Memory of PFC Matteo M. Mancini Born: September 22, 1925 Killed in action at Alsace-Lorraine, France January 3, 1945

MARTELLO SQUARE Shrewsbury St & DeMarco Terrace in Memory of S/Sgt John B. Martello Born: January 4, 1918 Killed in action – Luxemburg January 10, 1945

McDONALD SQUARE Main & Wellington Sts in Memory of MM3/C Walter V. McDonald Born: July 25, 1925 Killed aboard USS Conner Tsingtao, China December 9, 1945

McELHINNEY SQUARE Pleasant St & Prouty Lane in Memory of A1-C William H. McElhinney United States Air Force Born: May 7, 1948 Died: April 16, 1986

McKEEBY SQUARE Shrewsbury St.-Entrance to East Park in Memory of Sgt. Harry J. McKeeby Born: September 15, 1899 Killed in battle – Houppy Bois, France October 23, 1918

McINTYRE SQUARE Midland & Huntley Sts. Born: June 29, 1915 Killed in action – Okinawa May 7, 1945

McKEON SQUARE McKeon Rd & Cambridge St. In Memory of Three McKeon Brothers who were born, lived and educated in this section of Worcester and who Laid Down their lives in the Service of their Country Corp. T/5 James B. McKeon Sgt 2/C Joseph W. McKeon Born: October 28, 1920 Born: March 29, 1926 Killed in action-St. Lo, France Drowned in the English August 1, 1944 Channel-June 9, 1944 Pvt. Robert E. McKeon Born: April 12, 1927 Killed in Action – Korea July 5, 1950

MENZIGIAN SQUARE Dayton and West Sts. in Memory of Pvt. Aram Menzigian Born: July 27, 1924 Killed in action in Normandy, France June 30, 1944

MERCANDO SQUARE Shrewsbury & Plum Sts in Memory of PFC Carmine V. Mercando Born: December 24, 1912 Killed in action – Italy April 19, 1945

MICKELSON SQUARE Vernon & Esther Sts. in Memory of GM 3/C Carl R. Mickelson Born: March 12, 1923 Killed in action – Anzio, Italy February 15, 1944

MIERZEJEWSKI SQUARE Vernon & Spurr Sts. in Memory of S2C Joseph J. Mierzejewski Killed in action – Salerno, Italy September 11, 1943

MIGAUCKAS SQUARE Providence & Harrison Sts in Memory of Sergt Thomas J. Migauckas Company C 101st Engineers Born: May 5, 1891 Killed in action at St. Mihiel September 12, 1918

MILLS SQUARE Stafford & James Sts. in Memory of Pvt. Warren G. Mills Born: January 12, 1925 Killed in action – Anzio Beach, Italy April 3, 1944

MIXTER SQUARE Mason & Winfield Sts. in Memory of Gordon Mixter, Seaman Born: July 4, 1899 Died in Service at Yorktown, VA October 20, 1918

MORAN SQUARE May and Chandler Sts. in Memory of Corporal John Willard Moran 74th Co 6th Reg U.S. Marine Corps Born: June 12, 1895 Died of Wounds – Belleau Woods, France June 9, 1918

MORAN BROTHERS SQUARE MaryAnn Dr and Thorton Rd in Memory of Edward J. Moran, Sgt, U.S. Army Milton F. Moran, PFC, U.S. Army Born: January 28, 1912 Born: February 3, 1911 Died: September 27, 1987 Died: December 17, 1972 Veterans of World War II

MORRIS SQUARE Chestnut & Bowdoin Sts. in Memory of PFC Victor C. Morris Born: January 21, 1922 Killed in a plane crash-Alaska While serving in Air Corp.-Rescue Squadron March 4, 1945

MOYLAN SQUARE Grafton St. & Fairmont Ave. in Memory of PFC Raymond L. Moylan Born: February 12, 1923 Killed in action – Germany April 4, 1945

MUIR SQUARE Cambridge & Exeter Sts in Memory of Corporal James T. Muir Company H, 104th Infantry Born: April 26, 1894 Died in Worcester May 22, 1924

MULVEHILL SQUARE Mulberry & E. Central Sts. in Memory of Pvt. James E. Mulvehill Born: November 11, 1899 Killed at Chemin-Des-Dames, France February 27, 1918

MURRAY SQUARE Woodland & King Sts in Memory of Pvt. William W. Murray Born: December 30, 1925 Killed in action – Iwo Jima February 19, 1945

NANOF-PERISTERE SQUARE Salisbury St. opposite Assumption College in front of Albanian Church in Memory of P.O. 1/C Peter S. Nanof P.M. 2/C Victory L. Peristere Born: August 28, 1992 Born: March 19, 1913 Died aboard USS Mindanao Lost at Sea when USS Warrington Admirality Islands sunk in Mid-Atlantic November 10, 1944 September 15, 1944

NORSIGIAN SQUARE Salisbury & Dean Sts. in Memory of Pvt. George H. Norsigian Company H 104th Infantry Born: October 20, 1896 Killed in action at Apremont, France April 13, 1918

O’BRIEN SQUARE Lake Park – Hamilton St. Side Near Field House in Memory of Martin J. O’Brien Born: January 2, 1918 Killed in action – Chonito Ridge, Guam July 22, 1944

O’LEARY SQUARE E. Central & Shrewsbury St. (Formerly Shrewsbury Sq.) in Memory of 2nd Lieutenant Henry A. O’Leary Born: April 3, 1898 Killed in battle at Meuse-Argonne, France October 5, 1918

PACHANIAN SQUARE Park Ave. & Elm St. in Memory of Lt. Zarah A. Pachanian Born: April 4, 1920 Killed in action – Oahu, Hawaiian Islands January 4, 1944

PAGE SQUARE Cambridge & Nixon St. in Memory of Spec. 5 Addison W. Page, Jr. Born: July 13, 1950 Killed in plane crash – Vietnam October 7, 1971

PALERMO SQUARE Shrewsbury & Mulberry Sts. in Memory of St/Sgt. Eugene R. Palermo Born: December 14, 1923 Killed in action – St. Lo, France August 7, 1944

VINCENT PALERMO SQUARE Shrewsbury St & Imperial Road in Memory of PFC Vincent G. Palermo Born: August 31, 1919 Killed in action – Bougainville February 6, 1944

PAQUETTE SQUARE Grove & Lancaster Sts. in Memory of Pvt. Joseph H. Paquette Born: June 5, 1925 Killed in Italy September 19, 1944

PERRY SQUARE Blake & Fox Sts in Memory of Pvt. Arthur M. Perry Born: May 30, 1894 Died in Hospital-Brest, France September 29, 1918

PHILLIPS SQUARE Salisbury & Flagg St in Memory of Capt. Frank E. Phillips, Jr. Born: December 17, 1917 Killed in action-Saipan, Mariannas Islands July 9, 1944

GENERAL JOSIAH PICKETT Municipal Parking Lot-Chatham St, hallway between parking lot in Memory of General Josiah Pickett Born: November 21, 1822 Died: January 14, 1908 Served in Union Army Civil War 1861 – 1865

POPHAM SQUARE Julien Ave. & Massasoit Rd. in Memory of PFC Ralph W. Popham Born: June 29, 1925 Killed over the Marshall Islands April 20, 1944

POSNER SQUARE Grafton & Water St. in Memory of Pvt. Harry J. Posner Born: February 23, 1896 Killed in action at Bordeaux, France June 20, 1918

POWER SQUARE Madison & Washington Sts. in Memory of Sergt. Edward F. Power Private Patrick J. Power Company G, 101st Infantry Battery B, 102nd Field Artillery Born: June 2, 1897 Born: July 18, 1899 Died of wounds in France Died of wounds in France November 1, 1918 October 17, 1918

POZZESSERE SQAURE Massasoit Rd. & Sunderland Rd. in Memory of PFC Anthony F. Pozzessere Born: August 25, 1921 Killed in action – Normandy, France June 23, 1944

PROTANO SQUARE Plantation & Solferino Sts. in Memory of Guy J. Portano, USMC Born: December 6, 1947 Died in Vietnam January 8, 1968

PRUSACZYK SQUARE Ward & Worth Sts. in Memory of Sgt. John Francis Prusaczyk Killed in action in Germany February 9, 1945

CASIMIR PULASKI SQUARE Ashmont, Millbury & Harding Streets in Memory of Brig. Gen. Casimir Pulaski Born: 1748 Died: October 8, 1779 Battle of Savannah Revolutionary War

PUSATERI SQUARE Hamilton St & Harrington Way in Memory of Pvt. Anthony V. Pusateri Born: July 25, 1918 Killed in action – Normandy, France August 10, 1944

RADZIK SQUARE Park Ave & Coes St. in Memory of Pvt. Walter Radzik Born: June 27, 1910 Killed in Belgium January 13, 1945

RAND SQUARE Pleasant St & Hawden Lane in Memory of Pvt. Walter A. Rand Born: September 9, 1892 Killed in Battle at Aisne-Marne, France July 28, 1918

RANO SQUARE Lake Ave at Sherbrook St in Memory of Lt. Carl R. Rano Born: December 23, 1919 Missing in action at Zuider-Zui, Holland December 16, 1943

ROBINSON SQUARE Waverly & Coral Sts. in Memory of PFC Charles A. Robinson Born: Feburary 2, 1922 Killed in action – St. Lo, France July 13, 1944

ROCCO SQUARE Cutler & Dorchester Sts. in Memory of Pvt. James J. Rocco Born: April 14, 1916 Killed in training- Camp Polk, Louisiana March 24, 1943

RONAYNE SQUARE Worcester Center Blvd-grass plot off ramp to Washington St. in Memory of Pvt. Raymond F. Ronayne Born: September 7, 1901 Died at Fort Meyer November 10, 1917

ROSEN SQUARE May & June Sts. in Memory of BM 1/C Samuel Sonny Rosen, USNR Born: August 16, 1909 Died: December 18, 1944 Luzon, Philippine Islands

ROUGHAN SQUARE Florence & Beaver Sts. in Memory of Pvt. Thomas B. Roughan, Jr. Born: August 24, 1921 Killed in action – Anzio Beach, Italy May 24, 1944

ROY SQUARE Hamilton St. & Pilgrim Ave. in Memory of PFC David P. Roy, USMC Born: August 7, 1949 Killed in action – Quang Nam, South Vietnam April 30, 1969

ROZEFSKY SQUARE Grafton & Waverly Sts. in Memory of Corporal Harry Rozefsky Born: April, 1890 Died of wounds received in battle Meuse-Argonne, France November 1, 1918

RUSZALA SQUARE Sterling & Seymour Sts. in Memory of AV/Cadet Charles J. Ruszala Born: March 1, 1921 Killed at Corpus Christi, Texas May 18, 1943

FRANCIS P. RYAN SQUARE Main & Grand Sts. in Memory of PFC Francis P. Ryan, USA Born: June 26, 1916 Killed in action – France August 5, 1944

RYAN SQUARE Russell & Larch Sts. in Memory of Corp. William S. Ryan Born: November 27, 1923 Died at Kiska, Aleutian Islands December 26, 1943

RYAN SQUARE Cambridge & Chelsea Sts. in Memory of Pvt. John J. Ryan Born: September 2, 1893 Killed in Battle at Meuse-Argonne, France October 15, 1918

ST. ARMAND SQUARE Hamilton & Fairmont Ave. in Memory of Corp. Robert. R. St. Armand Born: April 19, 1924 Killed in action at Oidwerler, Germany October 7, 1944

ST. GEORGE SQUARE Park Ave. & May St. in Memory of Corporal Herbert St. George Private Raymond F. St. George 16th Company 5th Regiment Company G, 101st Infantry U.S. Marines Born: January 24, 1899 Born: November 10, 1893 Killed in action near Killed in action at Bois De Warville, France Chateau Thierry, France October 2, 1918 June 7, 1918

SANTON SQUARE Hamilton & Plantation Sts. in Memory of Howard Marshall Santon Sea 1C U.S.S. Peary Born: December 28, 1921 Killed in action – Cavite Bay, Philippines December 7, 1941

SAURIOL SQUARE Canterbury & Grand Sts. in Memory of S/Sgt Russell J. Sauriol Born: April 30, 1916 Killed in action – Chemitz, Germany April 20, 1945

SCHIAVONE SQUARE E. Central & Ford Sts. in Memory of Pvt. Antonio Schiavone Born: February 19, 1899 Killed in action – Vierzy, France July 18, 1918

SCHMAUTZ SQUARE Mott & Barclay Sts. in Memory of Cpl. Francis P. Schmautz Born: June 9, 1947 Killed in action – South Vietnam October 27, 1967

SETARO SQUARE Grafton St. and Ernest Ave. in Memory of Senior Airman Richard M. Setaro, Jr. 33rd Rescue Squadron, USAF Pararescueman Born: August 9, 1971 Killed in action – Jo Chi Weon, South Korea October 6, 1994

SHEPARD SQUARE Front of High-Rise at Plumley Village in Memory of Private William F. Shepard Born: April 26, 1899 Killed in battle at Bussey Farm, France September 28, 1918

SHRIAKA SQUARE Hamilton St. (opposite Puritan Ave.) in Memory of PFC John E. Shriaka, USMC Born: April 20, 1948 Killed in action – Quang Na, So. Vietnam March 11, 1969

SILVER SQUARE Harrison & Coral Sts. in Memory of Pvt. Jack B. Silver Born: April 8, 1911 Killed in action – European Theatre Buried at Epinal, France October 14, 1944

SKERNISKIS SQUARE Ward & So. Ward Sts. in Memory of Pvt. John P. Skerniskis Born: January 3, 1916 Killed in action – Leyte Island December 14, 1944

SMITH SQUARE Cambridge & Richards Sts. in Memory of S 1/C Harry F. Smith, Jr. Born: August 7, 1921 Died in action – U.S.S. Suwannee October 26, 1944

SMITH SQUARE Elm & Chestnut Sts. in Memory of Captain Willard Smith Born: September 25, 1892 Killed in battle at Remenauville, France September 12, 1918

SOBOL SQUARE Ward & Dorchester Sts. in Memory of Corp. Walter S. Sobol Pvt. Michael J. Sobol Killed at Ellenton, Florida Killed at Eindhoven, Holland August 12, 1943 September 26, 1944

SPEAKMAN SQUARE Grand & Hollis Sts. in Memory of Sgt. Kenneth H. Speakman Born: May 13, 1919 Killed in action – St. Lo, France July 31, 1944

STAKE SQUARE Stockman & Ames Square in Memory of S 1/C Herbert Stake, Jr. Born: July 26, 1927 Lost at Sea – Anzio Beach, Italy January 26, 1944

STARR SQUARE Granite & Holcomb Sts. in Memory of Private Samuel J. Starr Company I 328th Infantry Born: March 12, 1895 Killed in action at Meuse Argonne, France October 8, 1918

STONE SQUARE Hamilton St. & Almont Ave. in Memory of S 1/C George L. Stone Born: March 16, 1919 Killed in action aboard USS Quincy, Sayo Island August 9, 1942

SULLIVAN SQUARE Lincoln & Melrose Sts. in Memory of Private Charles J. Sullivan Company G 101st Infantry Born: February 27, 1901 Killed in action at Aisne-Marne, France July 21, 1918

SUPERNOR SQUARE Grafton St & Sunderland Rd in Memory of Private Albert J. Supernor Company I 58th Infantry Born: August 7, 1895 Killed in action at Meuse-Argonne, France October 6, 1918

SYRENE SQUARE Pleasant & Mower Sts (at #222) in Memory of S/Sgt. Irving N. Syrene Born: November 17, 1917 Killed in action at Battle of Bulge, Belgium January 5, 1945

TALLAWANDA SQUARE Sylvan St. & Tallawanda Dr in Memory of All Residents Of This Neighborhood Who Gave Their Lives For Their Country in World War II

TAMULEVICH SQUARE Sterling St & Fairfax Rd. in Memory of Private Peter D. Tamulevich Company B 30th Infantry Born: August 15, 1894 Killed in action at Aisne-Marne, France July 15, 1918

TANGRING SQUARE Greenwood St & Wiser Ave. in Memory of Gustaf L. Tangring Born: December 7, 1921 Killed in action – Southwest Pacific August 16, 1945

GEORGE S. THAMEL SQUARE Winthrop & Providence Sts. in Memory of Corp. George S. Thamel Born: June 1, 1929 Killed in action at Mail-Li, Korea April 26, 1951

TOOMBS SQUARE Aldrich & Chestnut Sts. in Memory of S/Sgt. Russell J. Toombs Born: December 3, 1924 Killed near Songhpe, Burma June 30, 1945

TOROSIAN SQUARE Eastern Ave. & Catherine St in Memory of F2/C Toros Nubar Torosian Born: January 7, 1921 Killed in action on the USS Meredith in the Solomons October 15, 1942

TOVISIO SQUARE Franklin & Suffolk Sts. in Memory of Vincent Tovisio, Private Co. I 308th Infantry Born: April 8, 1894 Killed in action at Oise-Aisne, France September 16, 1918

TRONIC SQUARE Pleasant St & Richmond Ave. in Memory of S/Sgt. Sydney S. Tronic Born: August 21, 1913 Killed in action at China-Burma-India Theatre November 15, 1943

UCELLO SQUARE Plantation & Wells Sts. in Memory of PFC Salvatore M. Uccello Chemical Warfare Service, US Army Born: May 8, 1922 Killed in Action January 26, 1944

UNDERWOOD SQUARE West Boylston & Malden Sts. in Memory of Earl Warren Underwood A.M.M. Third Class Born: May 26, 1921 Died from explosion at Naval Air Station, Norfolk, VA September 17, 1943

WALL SQUARE Cambridge & Pitt Sts (church yard) in Memory of TEC 5 John C. Wall U.S.A. Co C 409th Inf. Regt. Born: October 14, 1925 Died: December 28, 1983

WARE SQUARE Merrick & Larch Sts. in Memory of Sgt. Vincent H. Ware Born: July 19, 1918 Killed in action-Saipan July 4, 1944

WERME SQUARE Lake Ave. & Bridle Path in Memory of PFC Carl V. Werme Corp. Richard J. Werme Born: August 18, 1920 Born: July 20, 1927 Killed in action- Saipan Killed in action- Yanggu June 15, 1944 August 27, 1951

WHEATON SQUARE Corp. Homer J. Wheaton Born: November 11, 1885 Killed at Chemin-Des-Dames, France February 27, 1918

WHITAKER SQUARE Pleasant & Mower Sts (at #4) in Memory of Pvt. Herbert O. Whitaker Born: August 7, 1897 Killed in battle at Belleau Wood, France July 21, 1918

WHITTLES SQUARE Chelsea & Crompton Sts. in Memory of Private John Whittles Born: July 8, 1897 Died of Wounds received in battle at Troyon Sector, France October 13, 1913

WILLIAMS SQUARE Austin & Irving Sts. in Memory of Pvt. Arthur R. Williams Born: January 29, 1922 Killed in action at Alsace-Lorraine, France January 13, 1944

WOOD SQUARE Hamilton & Anderson Ave. (island in road) in Memory of Lt. Michael Albert Wood Pvt. Charles Albert Wood Born: November 7, 1919 Born: January 1, 1925 Died in Montgomery. Ala. Killed in action-Namur, Belgium January 20, 1943 September 6, 1944

WRAY SQUARE Greenwood & Millbury Sts. in Memory of William G. Wray, Private Machine Gun Company 328th Infantry Born: April 19, 1891 Died: June 26, 1932

ZAWALICH SQUARE Vernon & Windham Sts. in Memory of Pvt. Walter S. Zawalich Born: August 23, 1918 Killed in action-Wiseek, Germany April 11, 1945


Named by the Worcester City Council in Grateful Tribute to the Parents of the Gallant Men who made the Supreme Sacrifice While fighting for the Cause of Freedom. 



A longtime Worcester resident asked us why Brittan Square was so named. Unfortunately, we don’t have a book listing the squares in Worcester and why they are so named. So finding the answer took a bit of work.

We have a newspaper clipping file titled “Squares” but most of the squares discussed are named for veterans. The next step was to look for people named Brittan living in Worcester and we found a Josiah Brittan Junior. Josiah was a brick manufacturer from Rutland who settled first in the Tatnuck area and then bought a house and farm on Lincoln Street in 1833. The building had previously been used as a hotel, kept by Lydia Chadwick after 1797, and possibly earlier. He lived there until his death in 1863 and his widow remained until her death in 1887. The house became known as Brittan Place. The property is shown on a 1970 map on the east side of Lincoln Street, just where it joins with Burncoat. There is no direct evidence that Brittan Square was named for Josiah Brittan and his family but it certainly seems possible. Josiah was a prominent citizen and his house was well known.


Looking up one square led to the question – why are other squares named what they are? Veterans squares are named for individuals or groups of local people who were killed in various wars. There is a list of names and locations of memorial squares giving the name, births and death dates, where they died and location of the memorial. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give more. We have some newspaper clippings about the squares, and for more recently dedicated memorials, a story about the dedication. An example is the story about Rosen Square. The newspaper had a lengthy article about Samuel “Sonny” Rosen, his life and death and the effort to have a square named for him. Rosen Square, located at the intersection of May and June streets, was dedicated November 9, 1986. Unfortunately, there is not so much for each square.


Billings Square was named in honor of Henry W. Billings, born July 20, 1894, and died October 19, 1918, at the battle at Meuse-Argonne in France. There is no personal information and date of dedication. With a date, we could check the newspaper for the story of the dedication and maybe get more information. By using a book called The Gold Star Record of Massachusetts, Volume 2, we can get a little more about him. He died of wounds received in action; he served in Company A, 2nd Infantry, Massachusetts National Guards (Company A, 104th Infantry, 26th Division). He was born in Worcester, son of William and Rosana Billings and had 4 brothers. He was a carpenter. Billings Square also contains a war memorial to the men and women from the community who served in the armed forces in World War II. The memorial is like a pillar and has the symbols of the Army, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marines inscribed on the tops. Billings Square is important to the library as the site of a library branch.

We do have newspaper clippings for the dedication of some squares, but only a few, ones dedicated fairly recently. It would be a great project to try to find out more about the people.


Another veteran memorial is Benchley Square, named in honor of Lt. Edmund N. Benchley, who was killed in the Spanish-American War. He was a West Point graduate who entered service in April and was killed July 1, 1898 at the Battle of San Juan in Cuba. The family was well know in Worcester – his father was Charles H. Benchley, clerk to the Mayor and his brother was Robert Benchley, well-known humorist, film critic and actor and also the grandfather of Peter Benchley, the author of “Jaws.” The square is located on the northeast corner of Commercial and Foster Streets.


Contrary to expectation, we don’t really know for whom this square was named. A businessman, William Dexter, named it. He owned considerable property in the area. An article by John T. Cronin in the May 7, 1967 Worcester Sunday Telegram states “contrary to what you might think, the name of the square has nothing to do with anyone named Franklin . . . If William Dexter ever revealed why he selected Franklin Square as the name of the area, it has been long forgotten. On the other hand, Ivan Sandrof, in Your Worcester Streets, says it was named for Benjamin Franklin. According to him, the street was named in 1845. By the way, Franklin Street has had two other names – do you know them? The street was originally called South Street. The name later changed to Park Street and remained that until sometime between 1912 and 1914, according to the House Directory. What was called Franklin Street began at Trumbull Square and continued to Grafton Street. Sometime during that period, the name “Park Street” was abolished and the whole street, from Main Street to the end (which varied over the years – 1914, Suffolk Square; 1930s, Boston and Albany Railroad tracks; 1982, beyond Plantation street), was called Franklin Street.


This location is much in the news today as the reconfiguration of the square is debated. Today, of course, the square is a rotary. It was originally an intersection. Rice’s Dictionary of Worcester said the square received its name around 1828, at the time the Blackstone Canal opened. The map published in July 1829 of the Village of Worcester does show the intersection of Front, Grafton, Pine and Summer streets as Washington Square. The first reference to it that I found was in the Worcester Town Records for November 1, 1831. Boundaries for the various school districts were being laid out and Washington Square was part of the description of the bounds of District 1. Spears “Historical Spots of Worcester” states, “This large square in front of our Union Station was named after George Washington, yet he never saw it and its name has no historical significance.” There was also a Washington Street in Worcester, originally running from Franklin to Lafayette street.


Wheaton Square is at the intersection of Grove and Salisbury Streets, near the Worcester Vocational School. It was named for Corporal Homer J. Wheaton, the first Worcester resident killed in World War I. Wheaton died February 27, 1918. He had served in the Army since June 21, 1916, in the Mexican campaign. He reported for duty in March 1917 and was sent overseas in September. He served with the Company G, 9th Infantry, Massachusetts National Guard.

He was killed in action, saving other lives. In the Distinguished Cross award, his actions were “during a heavy bombardment, 27 Feb 1918, one of the hand grenades which were being distributed to his men dropped by accident. Corporal Whaton, with extreme courage and self-sacrifice, ran and picked up the grenade in an effort to cast it out of the danger area before it exploded. It exploded, however, before he could throw it away, and he was fatally wounded, dying shortly thereafter.” He also received the Croix de Guerre for his actions.

Homer Wheaton was born in Pompey, New York and was a sport editor at the Worcester Gazette. The Homer Wheaton Post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars was named for him, as well as the Square and a street in Syracuse, New York, where he attended Syracuse University.

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