Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a new card to use the One City One Library libraries? 
No.  All of our locations are branches of the Worcester Public Library and part of the C/W MARS library network. This means that you can use the library card you already have, as long as the issuing library is part of this library network.

Does my child have to go to school at one of these branches in order for me to use the library? 
No.  During our community hours after school, we are a public library!  Anyone can come in and use our services.

If the library is inside an elementary school, do you only have books for children?
Most of our collections are for children, yes.  We currently have small rotating adult collections as well as books on parenting and health topics.  We also carry DVDs and CDs, some of which may appeal to adults.  Please note that you can order adult materials from other libraries and pick them up at these branches.

Can I place a hold on materials I want and pick them up here?
Yes.  If there are materials you want that we do not carry in the branch libraries, you can log into your library account and place a hold, or one of our librarians can help you place a hold on materials.  You can have your holds shipped to any branch library for pickup.

Can I return books from other libraries to a One City One Library branch?
Yes!  If you borrow books from other libraries in our library network, you can return them at any branch library and we will send them back to the owning library.

Can I return books when you are closed?
Unfortunately, no.  We do not have an outdoor bookdrop at any of our locations.

Can I leave my child alone at the library?
Library staff are happy to work with children and their caregivers to ensure that our facilities are welcoming and safe places.  However, staff are not responsible for the supervision of any children.  Please refer to the Worcester Public Library Policy for the Safety of Children in the Library.

Is help with homework available?
We are working with colleges in the Worcester area to set up volunteer tutors and interns to come and offer help with homework.  Stay tuned for more information on this!

Do you have an online calendar of events?
As part of the Worcester Public Library, all of our branch events are posted together with the Main Library and other branch libraries’ events.  You can find this calendar here.

I would like to volunteer!
We would love to have you!  The Volunteer Coordinator is Julia Cronin. Her phone number is (508) 799-1675.  Please contact her for more information!

Do you filter your internet access?
During the school day, school policy requires us to filter certain sites.  During public service hours, our internet access is unfiltered.

Can I print?
Yes.  Printing costs $.15 per page.

Are you open during school vacations and holidays?
The One City, One Library branches are open during school vacations, but may have a special schedule. Check the website for more details. We follow the Library’s schedule for holiday closures, but our hours may differ. Again please check the website for details. Please note: in the event of inclement weather where the schools close for the entire day, the branch libraries are also closed. If the schools are released early due to snow, the branch libraries will also close.

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