Study Rooms

Located on the third floor in the Periodicals area, Worcester Public Library has two study rooms for use by a maximum of six people. The rooms are for quiet discussion, tutoring, or study. Card game playing is not allowed. Rooms are available on a first come basis and may not be reserved in advance.

1. Users must sign-up at the periodicals desk, using library card or ID.
2. Users are guaranteed one hour of use. More time is permitted if no one is waiting.
3. After the session has ended users must wait one hour before being permitted to request a room.
4. No food, with the exception of beverages in enclosed containers, should be consumed in these rooms.
5. Users may not leave their personal belongings unattended in the study room. Library is not responsible for your items.
6. Users must leave the lights on while the room is in use.
7. Wifi is available.
8. Users are expected to abide by the library’s “rules of Patron Behavior” and will be asked to leave the study room if they fail to comply with these rules.
9. The use of these rooms is a privilege and is allowed based upon the discretion of Worcester Public Library staff.


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