Borrowing and Fines Policy

Please review the loan periods, allowed renewals, fines and maximum number of checkouts listed below.

All library materials may be borrowed for the loan periods listed below:

 Books; Audiobooks; Music CD’s  3 weeks, 2 renewals
 New Adult Books  2 weeks, 2 renewals
 Popular Reads  2 week, 1 renewal
 Magazines; DVDs; Games  1 week, 2 renewals
All Other Library Materials Up to 3 weeks, up to 2 renewals*

The maximum number of items a patron may have checked out on their account is 50, with the following limits:

 DVDs  Limit of 20
 Games  Limit of 2
 Museum Passes  Limit 1
 All Other Library Materials  Limit varies*

*See staff for more details or call 508-799-1655

The Worcester Public Library does not charge overdue fines, but materials from other libraries may be subject to overdue fines that are determined by the lending library.

The library cannot offer refunds for lost materials that were found after payment.

Items that are eligible to be renewed will automatically renew on the due date. If you have an email address on file, you will be notified of the renewals with an email notification. Patrons can also log in to their account to view the status of all borrowed items.

Updated: 08/18/2021

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