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General Inquiries

Immigration Clinic
508.799.1655 Option 3

Senior Staff

Executive Director
Jason Homer
508.799.1655 ext. 35701
Email Jason

Director for Administration and Operations
Sulma Rubert-Silva
508.799.1655 ext. 35702
Email Sulma

Director for Library Services
Doug Lord
508.799.1655 ext. 35703
Email Doug

Deputy Director for Youth Services
Angela Bennett
508.799.1655 ext. 35490
Email Angela

Human Resources and Development Manager
Peggy Lelievre
508.799.1655 ext. 35706
Email Peggy

Deputy Director for Adult Services
Jennifer Marien
508.799.1655 ext. 35390
Email Jennifer

Interim Deputy Director for Borrower Services
Garrett Morin
508.799.1655 ext. 35212
Email Garrett


Human Resources Assistant and Volunteer Manager
Cheryl Lindsay
508.799.1655 ext. 35707
Email Cheryl

Social Services Specialist
Azajuah Johnston
508.799.1655 ext. 35322
Email Azajuah

Network Manager
Michael Reno
508.799.1655 ext. 35711
Email Michael

Community Relations & Communications Manager
Linnea Sheldon
508.799.1655 ext. 35704
Email Linnea

Executive Assistant to the Executive Director
Cara Stone
508.799.1655 ext. 35700
Email Cara

Facilities Manager
Joel Wentworth
508.799.1655 ext. 35750
Email Joel


Community Resources Manager
Christina Connolly
508.799.1655 ext. 35323
Email Christina

New American Librarian
Katelyn Duncan
508.799.1655 ext. 35324
Email Katelyn

Business & Grants Resources Librarian
Jackie Dzugan
508.799.1655 ext. 35325
Email Jackie

Manager of Branch Services for Adults
Ben Izaurralde
508.799.1655 ext. 35313
Email Ben

Manager of Adult Services
Tara Jankowski
508.799.1655 ext. 35329
Email Tara

Genealogy & Local History Librarian
Alex London
508.799.1655 ext. 35336
Email Alex

Manager of Collections
James O’Malley
508.799.1655 ext. 35231
Email James

Manager of Youth Branch Services
Ted McCoy
508.799.1655 ext. 35412
Email Ted

Manager of Youth Services
Allison Pavao
508.799.1655 ext. 35414
Email Allison

Manager of Digital Resources and Serials
Priya Subramanian
508.799.1655 ext. 35311
Email Priya

Talking Book Library

Head of Worcester Talking Book Library
Lee Anne Hooley
508.799.1655 ext. 35501
Email Talking Book

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