Library Card FAQ

How do I get a Worcester Public Library card?

  • Patrons may apply for a library card in person at any of the Worcester Public Library locations as well as the Mobile Libraries. You may also apply online at

What documents do I need to apply for a library card?

  • In order to get a Worcester Public Library card, you need to provide proof of current address. Please provide one of these acceptable proof of address documentation which includes but is not limited to:
    • Valid Massachusetts Driver’s License with current address
    • Valid Massachusetts State Identification Card with current address
    • An imprinted bank check or deposit slip
    • Rent receipt (confirming 30 day occupancy)
    • Utility bill dated within the last 30 days
    • Letter verifying residency and mailing address dated within the last 30 days from a social service provider, temporary employer that provides housing, or a short-term residence

If I have a Post Office Box or business address, can I use that as my proof of address?

  • A Post Office Box or business address is not acceptable as proof of residency but may be used as a mailing address.

I do not have an ID or proof of address, can I still get a library card?

  • If you are unable to provide a proof of address verification, the library will mail you a Good News postcard. When you return the Good News postcard to the library, you may use it as proof of mailing address and may obtain a library card.

I don’t live in Worcester, can I get a library card?

  • Yes, any person who lives or works in the state of Massachusetts can get a Worcester Public Library card free of charge. If you work in the City, but live out of state, please bring proof of employment when you apply for a library card in the form of a business card, pay stub, or other official documentation.
  • Out-of-state users can obtain a library card for an annual fee.

I’m from an organization, can my organization get a library card?

  • Yes, organizations can apply for a library card. The director of the organization must provide a letter on official letterhead with approved users and the library will issue an institution card that is kept at the library. The organization assumes responsibility for all items checked out on the card.

Is there a fee to get a library card?

  • Worcester Public Library cards are free to Massachusetts residents.
  • If you are not a Massachusetts resident, but work in Worcester, you may obtain a library card free of charge with proof of employment in Worcester. Proof of employment includes a letter from the employer on letterhead, a business card, or a pay stub.
  • All other out-of-state users are charged an annual fee of $10.

Who can use my Worcester Public Library card?

  • A Worcester Public Library card is valid only for that specific cardholder and should be treated with great care. Cardholders are held responsible for material obtained with their library cards.

What if there is a change in my contact information?

  • Card holders should report immediately to the library in the event of
  • The loss of a card
  • A change in name
  • A change in mailing address
  • A change in phone number
  • A change in email address

What is my PIN number and what do I do with it?

  • A PIN number is your account’s password, and you can use it to log onto computers as well as your online library account. Please inquire at the Welcome Desk if you are unsure of your PIN number or if you wish to change it.

Does my library card have an expiration date?

  • Worcester Public Library cards are valid for two years unless otherwise noted.

My library card expired, what do I do?

  • All library cards can be renewed easily at the checkout desk by confirming verbally that you still live at the current address. If you have moved, you are required to notify library staff and verify your new address by providing proof of current address.

My library card expired and I want to use the computer, am I able to?

  • Cards must be renewed when they expire. Computer access will not be available when the library card expires.

I forgot my library card, can I still check out materials?

  • Patrons are encouraged to always bring their library card with them. A photo ID will be accepted if card is forgotten. Patrons will still have the same borrowing privileges with photo ID.

I lost my library card, can I get a new one?

  • Patrons should inform the Worcester Public Library immediately if they lost their library cards. Replacement cards are available free of charge.

Will the library provide my personal information to anyone else besides me?

  • In compliance with Massachusetts statute and the library’s privacy policy, the library will not provide information about a patron’s library record to anyone except the patron or by court order.

My child has a student card, can it be used at other libraries?

  • Student cards can only be used at the school that issued them and cannot be used at other libraries.

I am a teacher at a Worcester Public School, can I get a teacher card?

  • At this time, teacher cards can only be issued to teachers at our One City, One Library locations at Burncoat Street Preparatory School, Goddard School of Science and Technology, Roosevelt Elementary School, and Tatnuck Magnet School.

I am a college student, can I get a Worcester Public Library card?

  • Yes, you may sign up for a library card by providing your student ID as well as proof of current address.

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