To schedule an in-person appointment for your 2023 tax return, contact the AARP tax volunteers directly at 508-499-9495.

Exam Proctoring

In support of online and distant learning, the Main Library provides free exam proctoring services to the public. Exam proctoring may be arranged one week in advance after you complete the request form and provide proctoring requirements from your instructor.

WPL Exam Proctoring Rules:

  • The library does not proctor exams by observing students during the test.
  • Exams will be proctored in the library’s public space with the understanding there will be some noise or activity in the area.
  • For online exams, students should bring their own laptop. If needed, public computers can be arranged with the understanding that special software cannot be installed.
  • The Library will not keep copies of completed exams or exams not taken by the date on which they were to be completed. 
  • Library staff can scan and email tests. Paper tests will be returned via U.S. postal service only. 

Test Taker Responsibilities: 

  • The test taker is responsible for supplying all required materials necessary to take the test.
  • The test taker will arrive promptly at the agreed-upon time.
  • Exams need to be completed 30 minutes before closing time.
  • Check with the proctor to make sure the Library can meet the specific requirements for proctoring.

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